Painted Turtle Restaurant, Dutch Lake, Clearwater, BC, Canada(250) 674-3560

Painted Turtle Restaurant

Located at the Dutch Lake Resort, with the only open air, lakeside patio in Clearwater - the Painted Turtle is the place to visit for any meal of the day or just stop by for a drink and dessert! 


The Dutch Lake Resort was settled as a strawberry and asparagus farm from 1921 until 1946, by a farmer by the name of Otto Miller. You can still find wild strawberry and asparagus plants throughout the property. Mr. Miller is also the one responsible for planting the beautiful Dutch water lilies which are found abundantly on the shores of the lake. Descendants of Otto Miller still live in the Clearwater area today.

Following World War II, two Vancouver ladies named Dorothy Bell and Grace McGaw bought the property and they turned the homestead into a Guest Ranch. This Guest Ranch was made into a place of great beauty where people could relax in comfort and enjoy nature at its best and for this reason was a popular holiday retreat for many dignitaries of the day.

While the Dutch Lake ladies, as they were referred to, owned the Dutch Lake Guest Ranch,there was an exceptional amount of work done. They built some cabins and a beautiful log home with a large eating area in which they served their guests. This log home stood where the Painted Turtle Restaurant, currently resides. Some of the activities that took place at the Ranch were trail riding (daily and overnight), fishing trips into Wells Gray Park and Star Lake, and afternoon tea; during which no children were allowed on the property.

The current owners, Jon & Chris Kreke, have raised their 3 daughters over the last 31 years - all have sinced moved onto their own lives, but return often to visit to lend a hand.  Jon & Chris continue to work with their awesome, skilled staff to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

Restaurant - circa 1960

CIRCA 1964


 Dorothy Bell & Grace McGaw

Mjolsness Family operated the Resort for 20 years.

Current owners & their daughters.