Casual, Fine Dining in Clearwater, BC

Dine on our patio

RESERVATIONS: 250-674-3560

Starters - 2017
 11am-9pm daily

Creamy Thai Prawns
8 prawns sauteed and served in a creamy Thai sauce, served with garlic toast. $10
Calamari - Panko breaded calamari rings, deep fried, served with tzasiki and red onion garnish. $11
Pork Spring Rolls - Made in house, deep fried and served with homemade garlic & ginger sauce.  $11
Scallops & Bacon - 6 bacon wrapped scallops, grilled and oven baked with
garlic & white wine butter. $14
Stuffed Mushrooms - Cream cheese & artichoke stuffed mushrooms, topped with havarti and baked to perfection. $11
Chicken Wings - One pound of wings - your choice of Spicy Hot, Teriyaki or
Ginger & Garlic. $12
Mussels - poached in a white wine, garlic, onion & fresh tomato cream, served with garlic toast. $11
Veggie Quesadilla - Tortilla with cheddar cheese, peppers, red onion and tomato, grilled and served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream. $11

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