Casual, Fine Dining in Clearwater, BC

Covid-19 Protocols

We take our customers and employees safety very seriously.  We will follow all orders from the Public Health Officer and recommendations from the BC CDC and WSBC.

·         We have removed ½ of our tables to encourage more space between guests.

·         Plexiglass has been installed at both tills.

·         Max. 6 people to a table – must be from the same household or social bubble.

·         Contact info from one person at each table is collected.

·         All menus are being sanitized after each use.

·         All tables and chairs are being disinfected between guests.

·         All doors, handles, and frequently touched surfaces are being disinfected multiple times daily. All condiment bottles as well as debit and credit machines are being sanitized after each use.  Salt, pepper, are only supplied upon request and then sanitized after use. Ketchup and other condiments are served in single use containers.

·         Hand sanitizer is available at both entrance doors and at both tills.

·         Washrooms are limited to 1 person per ladies and mens; only 1 person at a time in the staff room.

·         Staff are to wash hands if visibly dirty or use hand sanitizer when they arrive to work, between serving tables, after touching cash or customer cards, after their breaks.

·         Staff members who are sick or displaying symptoms have been asked to refrain from coming to work, and are not permitted to return to work until fully recovered.

·         Staff will wear an apron that allows the server to have an extra layer between their clothes and the guest. This protects the server's clothes and still looks professional.

·         For leftovers, staff will provide the guest with the container and let them pack the to-go box.

Our Safety Plan is posted in the Restaurant if you
would like to read it in it's entirety.